Criminal Law

  •  Patricia A. Marr, Esq. has over fifteen (15) years of experience in handling the defense of criminal law cases, including, inter alia, attempted murder, battery domestic violence, burglary, battery, and kidnapping.  Patricia holds a firm belief that an accused is innocent until proven guilty beyond a reasonable doubt.  Too often a person is considered guilty merely based upon being charged with a crime.  Our office strives to obtain justice for the accused!


Family Law


  • A family law practice is one of the most emotionally taxing areas of the law. Clark County attorney Patricia A. Marr is up for the challenge. She will use her years of experience and steadfast determination to get obtain a favorable outcome for her clients. Ms. Domestic law cases can be emotionally challenging for clients.  Our office understands these challenges and strives to provide superior legal representation on an individualized basis for each case so that our clients can obtain the best possible result to begin their new lives.

Personal Injury

  • Our office strives to obtain the best possible result for our clients.  We recognize that the aftermath of an accident can be frustrating and painful and we try to alleviate that pain and stress for our clients.  We also recognize that our clients have many options regarding legal representation and therefore, our goal is to provide superior legal services.

Civil Law

  • Patricia A. Marr, Esq. has  years of experience with simple legal cases to highly contested and complex civil litigation.  During her first year of law practice she won her first case in the Nevada Supreme Court and since that time has won several Writs of Mandamus appeared in front of the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals.  Ms. Marr loves the challenges that each new case brings and uses her experience, knowledge and passion to obtain the best possible result.  


  • No one should be ashamed or embarrassed if they are unable to pay their bills.  Bankruptcy is an opportunity for a fresh start and Ms. Marr enjoys assisting clients to obtain that fresh start.  Call our office today to determine whether bankruptcy is an option and what type of relief is best for you.

DUI and Traffic Tickets

  • Our office can assist you with all traffic matters, including DUIs and driver's license revocations.  Patricia A. Marr, Esq. is a former member of the National College of DUI Defense and has years of experience in the defense of DUI cases.