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Client Stories

" Faced with the daunting task of trying to defend myself in family court, Patricia took my case at a fair price and kept me informed as needed. After suffering a panic attack at my first hearing, Patricia arranged so I would not have to return to court until absolutely necessary. When that time arrived, she aggressively defended me throughout a contentious hearing -and succeeded in getting my case completely thrown out! What a relief. This whole process has been emotionally overwhelming and physically exhausting. I could not sleep for months. I've always thought the judicial system was inherently biased, but Patty definitely levels the playing field. -Hard-nosed, Witty, and Reliable. I will not trust any other attorney with my life. Patricia delivers results."

- Kyle

" I recently concluded my case with Patricia, she and her team were awesome, they kept me informed throughout and worked to get me a great resolution. I would recommend Patricia for a great defense. "

- Annonymous

"After being struck from behind by a drunk driver, and not knowing how to navigate the the in's and out's of personal injury lawsuits I realized very fast that I needed an attorney. Patricia came to my home and listened to the details of my situation, and unlike most other clients she has served before I brought a unique set of problems to the table as I was a paralyzed driver many years before this now new set of injuries. Her and her staff found me the right therapies, and doctors that led to me finding a new found appreciation of my overall health and well being. She is very intelligent, professional, compassionate and very good at what she does. Her compassion and attention was a breath of fresh air in an extremely stressful time. I continue to recommend her and her staff to anyone in need of legal representation."

- Jay

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